DEI & Population Growth

Iowa’s population growth has consistently trailed the national average.  Long-term prosperity will be constrained due to a shrinking workforce.  While efforts are underway to develop a qualified workforce from within Iowa, population growth must be accelerated in both urban and rural communities to ensure economic prosperity.  A public/private partnership effort to attract and retain a capable, diverse workforce is critical to keep Iowa businesses competitive in an increasingly global economy. 

The Iowa Business Council is fully committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within our member companies and throughout the state of Iowa. We believe DEI is a fundamental element of corporate success and responsibility. IBC members foster DEI throughout the workplace and strive to create an environment built on trust, mutual respect, openness, and appreciation for diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We further recognize the invaluable contributions in innovation, knowledge, and advancement that a welcoming and inclusive work setting cultivates. The Iowa Business Council rejects racism and discrimination, systemic or otherwise, and will continue to engage, listen, and learn to advance opportunities for all Iowans.

Initiatives include:

  • Quarterly DEI roundtable discussions to share strategies, best practices, and organizational impacts.
  • Engage on policy initiatives that drive population growth and increase the state’s diversity.
  • Initiate a marketing campaign targeting out-of-state residents that communicates the key benefits of living and working in Iowa. 
  • Coordinate the Choose Iowa committee consisting of thought leaders from public and private organizations focused on attraction and retention initiatives.


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