Economic Climate

To improve Iowa’s competitiveness, job growth, and strengthen Iowa’s economy and fiscal health, the Iowa Business Council supports the creation of a simple, transparent, and stable tax structure. A modernized tax system with competitive tax rates and rules would promote growth through greater investment, higher wages, and more jobs in Iowa. The IBC supports continued efforts to make our tax code more competitive for all taxpayers. 

The pandemic’s impact on the way business is conducted through virtual platforms accentuates the point that broadband connectivity should be considered critical infrastructure in the 21st Century. However, Iowa’s internet speeds rank 45th in the nation. The IBC believes substantial investment is needed to improve broadband infrastructure and bolster connectivity. This is especially true for rural parts of the state where access, speed, and affordability issues are compounded.

As Iowa emerges from the pandemic, focusing on competitive tax policies, broadband infrastructure, housing, and mental health are all areas that will restore Iowa’s economy and usher in a new generation of growth and prosperity.

Initiatives include:

  • Support efforts to increase investment in broadband infrastructure.
  • Support initiatives that provide additional resources to develop workforce housing across Iowa.
  • Support mental health policy initiatives that provide increased access throughout the state.
  • Continue to work with state legislators to increase the competitiveness of Iowa’s tax climate.


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