Economic Climate

A strong and competitive economic climate that enhances the capitalistic, free-market economy serves all Iowans. The IBC remains well positioned to present a unique set of policy initiatives that will create and preserve jobs, limit or eliminate cost increases to business, and enhance Iowa’s economic climate while also fostering an environment that is welcoming and inclusive.

Specifically, the IBC continues to engage on tax policy to drive Iowa to become even more competitive with respect to individual, corporate, and property tax rates. The state has taken significant steps in recent years to enhance its economic vitality through tax reforms and that effort must be maintained and expanded in certain areas.

The IBC also recognizes the impact mental health has on the economy and workplace. Increasing the supply of mental health professionals in Iowa while also enhancing public mental health investment mechanisms will directly benefit the state’s business climate, communities, and schools thereby positively affecting Iowa’s economy.

Initiatives include:

  • Continue efforts to make Iowa more competitive in individual and corporate tax policy.
  • Support policies increasing the supply of mental health professionals and investment in Iowa.
  • Support Major Economic Growth Attraction (MEGA) legislation.
  • Support initiatives that increase housing stock in Iowa.


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