Economic Climate

IBC Tax Policy Statement 
In an effort to improve Iowa’s competitiveness, job growth, and strengthen Iowa’s economy and fiscal health, the Iowa Business Council (IBC) supports the creation of a simple, transparent, and stable tax structure. A modernized tax system with competitive tax rates and rules would promote growth through greater investment, higher wages and more jobs in Iowa.  We applaud the tax reform efforts passed during the 2018 legislative session.  We support continued efforts to make our tax code more competitive for all taxpayers.  As proposals for additional tax increases are considered, such as funding for natural resources and school infrastructure, we will analyze the impacts of those tax increases in the context of IBC’s overall goal of improving Iowa’s competitiveness.  

Workforce Housing
There are several barriers to a communities’ ability to attract a workforce to meet employment needs.  The availability of adequate housing for workforce and interns contributes to the recruitment and retention of a community or regions diverse and growing workforce.  The IBC supports efforts to provide an increased investment in the State Housing Trust Fund and Workforce Housing Tax Credit programs.  We also encourage state and community leaders to work together to develop a collaborative strategy to meet workforce housing needs and align resources to implement the strategy.


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