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Past Initiatives

Over the years, the Iowa Business Council has made many and various recommendations on public policy from a non-partisan business perspective.  The preferred methodology is to work with a credible research partner and augment empirical data with informed discussion from stakeholders – a process that has involved thousands of Iowans over the years.  The reward systems in education, government, and business are very different – but, when understood, can be combined successfully to move an economy forward.  The academician assures that findings are credible and add to the knowledge base.  The politician makes certain that the public interest is served.  And business focuses on the utility of knowledge through its customers.

A significant benefit of the business roundtable model is that it provides an opportunity for the CEO to provide in-house talent to work on projects.  Countless volunteer hours from Iowa Business Council member employees over the years have been worth millions of dollars to the state of Iowa.  The private sector does not do it alone, however.  It is through collaboration with universities, government, agriculture, labor, and business that synergy is created to move the economy forward.

History of Actions & Initiatives

Iowa Business Council members have a history of visionary foresight and proactive consideration of those matters and issues that should be addressed if the state is to remain successful and competitive in worldwide commerce.  What follows is a non-exclusive listing, since the beginning of the Council, that briefly identifies action taken and initiatives engaged in the year each was originally undertaken.







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