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Over the next five years, the U.S. Armed Services will downsize by approximately 350,000 troops. The new Home Base Iowa initiative is a non-profit, private-public partnership that will connect servicemen and women to the many job opportunities available with state businesses.  Home Base Iowa not only will provide veterans with the resources they need to find employment, but also will introduce them to welcoming communities as they transition into civilian life.


Recently, the Iowa Business Council (IBC), a non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of the CEOs of major Iowa employers, set a goal of hiring 2,500 veterans over the next five years as a part of its on-going support of Home Base Iowa.  Council members represent most of Iowa’s major industry segments – from manufacturing, transportation, and bioscience to finance, technology, health care, construction, and energy – and collectively employ nearly 250,000 people in all 99 of Iowa’s counties.  They are proud that IBC Member companies will play a significant role in the hiring and placement of veterans in high quality and well-paying jobs.

Home Base Iowa is an important initiative that strengthens Iowa’s commitment to our nation’s veterans by honoring their commitment to our country.  It targets a unique population of educated, well trained, and dedicated Americans who are seeking meaningful career opportunities following their departure from full-time military service.  These veterans and their spouses are ready to put their quality training and talents to work for Iowa business.  Veterans bring tremendous value to the workforce and will help grow the state’s economy.  Veterans offer employers a solid work ethic, professional attitude, leadership, integrity, and loyalty.

The Business Council believes Iowa should be the state of choice for veterans leaving active duty service.  Our state is among the best in the nation in terms of quality of life and cost of living, safety, educational opportunities, access to entertainment, and more.  In 2014, the Iowa General Assembly is considering a number of legislative initiatives that will help strengthen Iowa’s reputation as a military-friendly state.  These include exempting military pensions from state income tax, increased funding for the Military Homeownership Assistance Program, tuition breaks, and more. 


Community leaders and employers can learn more about Home Base Iowa and how to become a “Home Base Iowa Community” or “Home Base Iowa Business” by visiting www.HomeBaseIowa.org.

  • Georgia G. Van Gundy, Executive Director, Iowa Business Council
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