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IBC Mission


The Iowa Business Council (IBC) serves as a catalyst for economic vitality and growth throughout the state.


  • A competitive, growing economy - measured by comparative analysis of the metrics which comprise the Iowa Competitiveness Index.  Broadly based and sustained growth provides opportunity and wealth creation for all Iowans
  • A diverse economy with moderate levels of volatility, able to sustain itself in the face of changing economic conditions.
  • An attractive environment in which to launch new business, sustain and expand existing business, where all enterprises large and small can grow and prosper.
  • Financially sound, cost-effective, and socially relevant government services at state and local levels
  • An economic environment that supports an inviting life-style in which cultural, recreational, and educational activities can thrive - thereby enhancing business growth and spurring workforce attraction.


The Iowa Business Council seeks to enhance the state's economic vitality by providing a forum for members to generate ideas, identify key challenges, and recommend sustainable public policy by providing members:

  • access to and interaction with influential public officials and business leaders
  • education on significant public policy issues
  • unique cross-industry networking with key business leaders throughout the state
  • Council advocacy strategy in pursuit of desired change and outcomes

How does the IBC accomplish its purpose?

The Council identifies issues and priorities, evaluates options, and assists in implementing strategic solutions through collaborative public/private partnerships.

How are these purposes met?

Membership value starts with the regular interaction and relationships that develop among the leaders of Iowa's most impactful businesses and universities.  Through regular and organized discussions, these executives from multiple industries and disciplines share insights and experiences with their peers for the benefit of their respective organizations and the state as a whole.  The composition and caliber of the Council is significant for government leadership, in that it provides opportunity for senior State officials to share their perspectives and agendas with a critical group of top Iowa business and education leaders in one venue - access that is unparalleled with any other organization in the state.  IBC Members working together on a common agenda is a powerful force for change.

IBC affords its Members the unique opportunity to acquire information and gain perspective on important public policy issues through presentations and candid discussion in a private setting, often in the presence of leaders from the highest levels of State government.  The Council periodically arranges meetings that focus on issue-specific items of Member interest which may drive priority initiatives or advocacy agendas, such as STEM or pre-K early childhood education.


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