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Determining Issues

Insert picture hereHow does IBC determine the critical issues?

IBC has identified five Issue Areas that significantly influence Iowa's economic vitality; Economic Growth, Education and Workforce, Governance & Fiscal Matters, Health & Well-Being, and Workforce Demographics & Diversity.  These categories are the basis for the IBC Iowa Competitiveness Index.

Each Issue Area of the Index consists of five individual metrics to measure Iowa's competitiveness relative to other states. While individual metrics may change when deemed necessary, the core line-up of Issue Areas remains.

Annually, IBC Members review the Index and its metrics to establish priorities for the Council, IBC staff, and the IBC Deputy Committee members - who typically are senior level executives that report directly to the IBC Members within their respective companies and institutions.

How does the IBC bring focus to the critical issues?

Identifying and considering issues that emerge from the IBC Iowa Competitiveness Index, Council Members will engage with both public and private leaders to develop a strategic framework to influence public policy in a non-partisan manner so that the long-term health and vitality of the Iowa economy remains strong and resilient.

On a quarterly basis, IBC Members meet to to receive updates on priorities, discuss initiatives with public and private officials, and determine if Council action or resource allocation is appropriate.

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