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Defining Advocacy

Insert picture hereHow does IBC define advocacy and demonstrate influence?

IBC is not a lobbying organization, but will advocate with public officials and other stakeholders to advance the key objectives defined by its Members.  Each Member company and institution has the ability to engage in persuasive or partisan activity independently if there is a matter or issue impacting their own organization.  Since its founding in 1985, IBC has maintained a non-partisan status - and always will.

The influence of the Business Council resides in the immense economic impact its Member companies and institutions have statewide, as well as the thoughtful leadership these CEOs, Presidents, and Board Chairs bring to policy development.  IBC Member organizations drive much of the economy in Iowa and often are the economic catalysts in the communities and regions in which they are located.  IBC Members represent the voice of business for many local and state government leaders and elected officials, economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, and school districts.  IBC Member companies and institutions are also critical members in scores of associations, civic organizations, and non-profits.

Utilizing the IBC Iowa Competitiveness Index as the base document, advocacy will be accomplished utilizing numerous tactics.  Examples include: submission of guest opinion articles and conversations with editorial boards; meetings with local officials, state legislative members, and their respective committees; collaborating with other business associations and economic development groups to adopt the Index as a tool that measures Iowa's competitiveness and vitality; presentations to civic clubs; meetings with key Executive Branch, State agency, and Legislative leaders; and, selectively providing financial and human resources when circumstances require such an assist.

IBC Members are represented by a significant number of elected officials in the state.  Keeping in mind the phrase coined by the late U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill that "all politics is local," IBC members have the greatest opportunity for influence with their locally elected officials.




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