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About Us

The Iowa Business Council is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization whose members are the chief decision makers of major Iowa employers, the presidents of the three Regent universities, and the president/CEO of the state's largest banking association.  The Council's representation reaches statewide, touching all 99 counties.  Collectively, IBC Members lead companies and institutions that employ nearly 250,000 people, affecting the careers and livelihoods of one in six Iowans.  They have invested billions of dollars of capital in Iowa's commercial infrastructure; lead in technology innovation, R&D, and grants procured; and, are often the driving financial and volunteer force behind philanthropic efforts large and small all over the state.

Participation in the Iowa Business Council is by invitation only - to ensure the commitment of its Members to the vision and mission, provide geographic and industry diversity, and entertain a range of different business segment perspectives.  Members must agree to participate personally and actively in the organization, and be willing to contribute company resources to support council objectives and initiatives.  Members may not send representatives to meetings.  Membership resides with the individual and not the company or institution; should a Member depart, the successor will be vetted individually should he or she desire to join.

IBC focuses its efforts primarily in areas of advanced technology, continuous process improvement, economic and workforce development, education excellence, and health and wellness.


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